Just like pictures of people on horses, which are now quant and old worldish. I look at people in cars and they seem from another age. We migrate like geese up and down the continent as if it were no big deal. This freedom has a price to pay but we are satisfied being in the moment. 
We automatically assume seduction and movement must come from such freedom. Automatically we glide over the terrain as if in a dream and it wearies us sends us to sleep and kills us in great numbers. Nineteen on the list of all time killers but it is the top killer that is not a disease but something we choose to have.

They Drove in Slience

The windscreen was smashed by a rock that I saw coming. Saw the car towing the trailer into the corner way too fast across the section of road repair, saw the sign with the stones flying up and knew it was going to happen. It was on the mid north coast four hundred K’s from home. We wore our swimming goggles so we could see into the wind but even so we couldn’t see all that was coming. We drove in silence for a long time then we stopped and she got out of the car and jumped about and told me she loved me. I was annoyed immediately but almost as quickly gave in to it, told her I loved her as well and it seemed okay. We drove on in the same windy silence being blessed but not being able to really wonder at the incredibleness of it all.  But we knew it wouldn’t last we knew it but we drove on like the blind driving the blind.