Sensetive New Age Biker

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This first version of this work was made for Stations Of The Cross an exhibition at Sydney Town Hall in 2004. The below video was projected mapped onto this head. The exact video was different to the one below now having been lost to time. The content is the same other than the head was overlaied throughout the entire video.

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Don’t Come Crying to Me

In 2011 remade the work and retitled it “Don’t Come Crying to Me” I inked (the actual medium in watercolour pencil)  as tattoos statements of outrage at corporate culture. The conceit here was the sculpture as a fictitious character; a prisoner incarcerated for a minor crimes seeing himself as Christ ridding the temple of money lenders.   Chocolate Box of Paradigms  2011 at Damien Minton Gallery.

Bought by Phil Hall in 2020