Horse Feelings

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Carved and assembled wood. 2001. The body of the horse is made from milky pine and came from a tree felled in a storm in the North Coast of New South Wales . The neck and legs is assembled from casuarina where I used the skin of the sapwood for its delicate texture that resembles tissue. The tail was found in a box of wood carvings my mother had done in the 1070’s. I simply can’t remember or never knew what wood the head and the pike is made from but was sourced from the scrap bin of Anagoat Timbers in Marrickville in Sydney. The water and river bed is radiata pine. I did like the way the legs looked like the skin had been removed or at least altered from immersion. The pike enforces this sensation of vunrability it’s almost sexual. The original title of the work was Shiver Of Doubt which now seems too aloricical and I like using the word feelings as it both refers to a physical sensation but also carries a psychlogical weight as well.